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brother-s-cum-causes-breast-expansion-tammie-madison.mp4 [705.02MB] - *Featuring Special Guest Star: Ashley Rider* Ashley's brother has been the talk of the town recently and Tammie is desperate to find out of the rumors are true. Rumor has it that his cum made his ex-girlfriend's tits expand to an incredible size. But, when Tammie tries to bring it up it becomes clear that Ashley hasn't heard any of this about her brother. Hearing about her brother's sex life is strange enough, but the added tidbit that his cum has some kind of magical breast growth power does get Ashley's attention. It sounds ridiculous. There is no way that could happen. Yet, everyone, including her brother, seems to believe that his cum can make tits grow. Ashley decides there is really only one way to find out if it is true, she will have to test the theory herself. After a brief discussion Ashley's brother agrees with her that she should suck him and swallow his cum to find out what will happen. With Ashley's amazing blow job skills, it doesn't take her brother long to release his first load in his mouth. Ashley sits back and waits for something to happen. Just when she is about to give up, she starts to feel something. Her hands travel to her chest and she can't help but rub and squeeze her breasts. She feels them growing, filling up her palms. The sensation s incredible causing Ashley to get more and more turned on as they plump up. She makes her brother touch and grope her boobs. They are certainly bigger than they were, but Ashley wants more. Her brother admits that his ex-girlfriend's tits were huge, so Ashley greedily gets his cock in her mouth again. She wants to feel her breasts expand to and extraordinary size and she is sure that swallowing down one more load of her brother's cum should do the trick. Clip contains: breasts expanding to large balloons - two breast expansions with the first being a subtle but noticeable growth and the second being a huge growth into enormous tits - taboo roleplay with brother sister blowjob *Please note: Occasionally there is a small amount of noise in the background. It has mostly been eliminated, but you may notice a bit of a rumble in the background at a couple of points in the clip.*

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