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he-took-off-the-condom-now-im-pregnant-cricketrose.mp4 [648.53MB] - I had such a great date with Brandon, and honestly I was so fucking horny, I basically just started taking off his pants as soon as we got to his place. I start off by sucking his cock (which I love), and then I ask if he has condoms, since I'm not on birth control and I don't want to get pregnant. He says yeah, no problem, and we start fucking missionary, and it feels so good. He likes it too, but asks to switch to doggy style, and WOW that position feels WAY better, I can't even feel the condom! We fuck like that for a bit, and I cum multiple times, before he switches me back to missionary to stroke my wet pussy some more until he cums. I reach down to touch my pussy, and it's so wet....but then I realize it's cum, HIS CUM! He creampied right inside me! He says the condom must have broke or fell off (though later after I thought about it, I realize he must have taken it off when we switched positions). A few weeks later I come knocking on his door with a positive pregnancy test. I mean, I'm really sorry, but I DID tell him I wasn't on birth control, and apparently I must be VERY FERTILE. --------------------- Just FYI this video wasn't filmed on my normal camera, so the quality isn't the same. There's also the sound of an air conditioner in the background. It's still a pretty hot vid though, and I know you'll still nut watching it. ;) NOTE: After uploading I noticed there's some de-interlacing (the horizontal lines), MY original DOESN'T look like that, so if you get that, shoot me a message and I'll send you a copy privately that hopefully doesn't have that problem.

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