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the-pinocchio-effect-breast-expansion-tammie-madison.mp4 [462.02MB] - Sometimes telling the truth seems wrong. At least that is what your best friend's mom thought. She tried to play it off like a sociable, cool mom, but really she liked you. Her attraction to you is like a moth to a flame, she just had to be in the room whenever you came over to see her son. Now, just want to hear her say it. When the two of you are alone you admit to her that you find her hot, yet she doesn't react the way you expected. She says she is flattered, but you are her son's friend and she does not feel the same way. You look at her incredulous. There is no way that is true! You have seen the way her eyes gaze up and down your body. She wants you. So, you press her further. As you do you start notice a change happening with every denial of her attraction to you. She grabs her increasingly sensitive breasts and persists in denying her feelings for you. With every lie her breasts behave like Pinocchio's nose. They just get bigger and bigger until she can no longer see her feet. Her enormous boobs block her view. Finally, overwhelmed by her large aroused nipples, she admits the truth. She does want you. She wants to fuck you and she wants to do it now. Perhaps coming clean and giving into her secret desires will be all it takes to stop and reverse her breast expansion. Or, maybe something totally unexpected will happen and your cum will have another extraordinary effect. The two of you have wanted each other for so long that every second of waiting is agony. You give in to your lust and take her, leading to another remarkable bodily growth. Clip contains: breast expansion in two stages followed by an impregnation fantasy belly inflation - best friend's mom wants you and each time she denies it causes her tits to grow larger - taboo virtual sex with friend's mom

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