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jackie-banes-why-can-i-orgasm-doc-3-3-girlsgonegyno.mp4 [1.68GB] - Why Can’t I Orgasm, Doc? - Jackie Banes - Part 3 of 3 - Jackie has come to the doctor’s office today because she has recently developed trouble orgasming. She doesn’t know what is wrong with her but wants to find out. After doing some research online, she found a local doctor who specializes in female sexual arousal disorder. Thankfully for Jackie, Doctor Lilith Rose is an expert in helping women achieve orgasm! But before she can give Jackie a proper diagnosis, the doctor needs to examine Jackie and her techniques! The doctor examines her thoroughly before having Jackie show off her stimulation and masturbation techniques. The doctor sets up a camera and leaves the room so Jackie can stimulate herself in private. This will allow the doctor to study her techniques and climax issues at a later time. After allowing Jackie time to stimulate herself, Doctor Lilith Rose returns to work with Jackie on her masturbation techniques. And wouldn’t you know it, the skilled doctor is able to successfully show Jackie the proper method to achieve an orgasm!

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