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sweater-and-adidas-wetlook-xxsmiley.mp4 [706.00MB] - Smiley is sitting in her dining room reading a magazine. The view of the pool is right outside the glass door. She keeps looking over at it. Daydreaming of how great it would feel just to dip her feet in. She can't take the temptation anymore and decides to get up and go out to the pool. There is no time to get changed, or undressed, she is ready to feel the refreshing water all over her body and hot outfit. Smiley steps int he pool one sneaker at a time. Air bubbles rush past her feet and float up to the top of the water when she sinks her sneakers under. She gets further in the water and gets her levi jeans wet. When they are wet up to the knee, she gets out and squishes around with her soaking wet sneakers. Then get's back in. The water gets trapped in her tight clothing and eventually warms up like a wet suit. She loves the feeling so much that she just makes the leap and gets in up to her boobs. She splashes water all over her top and dunks her hair in and out of the water. Her long wet hair clings to the back of her wet sweater. Smiley then gets back out to show off her dipping wet outfit. But not for long, she is having a good time so she rushes back in to hop on an inflatable. She kicks her sneakers in and out of the water while sitting up on the floaty. She lays back on it and takes a tiny break from splashing around and allows the sun to warm up her wet jeans and sweater. She can't stay still for very long though, she begins to play around on the inflatable and kick her wet sneakers around some more while splashing water on her breasts. She rolls around and lays on her belly to swim around with her ass poking out of the water. Her jeans become reflective when water rushes over her butt. She gets off the floaty, holds her breath and goes under. When she pops back up her long brunette hair clings her to her head and face. She looks around and decides it will be faster to swim to it under water. You can she her blurry silhouette under the water, swim to the other side. Smiley pops out and dips in and out of the water quickly. The water covering her like a glossy statue. She then pulls her top half out of the water and lays bent over the side showing off her wet jeans booty. She dips in and out a couple more times before stepping out and showing her dripping outfit for a final time. Without drying off or using any towel.....she opens her sliding glass door and steps in. Does she plan on drying off inside? will she flood the floor all the way to her bedroom and take off her wet clothes? Well you can see what happens next in part 2 "after the wetlook"

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