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my-slave-toilet-fartprincesskristi.mp4 [972.31MB] - This is a custom made video, no personal names are used, email me to order yours! Hello slave. I see you are awake now. That's good... I'm sure you are quite surprised to see yourself in such a treacherous position under my toilet chair. That's ok though... there is really nothing to be worried about as long as you do as you are told and follow all of my instructions. I wouldn't want to have to shrink you down, eat, and digest you like I did my last slave. Ohhh I think I feel the last remains of him about to rip out of my ass right now. Yes, you definitely don't want to end up as he did so just do as you are told, slave. You are my toilet now and you will graciously accept your position under my toilet chair. You will inhale all of my foul farts and whatever else I may choose to give you. I'd rather have you under my chair than in my belly as every time I eat one of my slaves, they give me awful indigestion. I can feel them scampering around trying to escape my stomach acids and I can feel them sliding through my bowels, turning in to a giant pile of excrement that is only suitable to be flushed down the toilet. Yes, I much prefer you this way but it is awfully tempting to just swallow you down my throat right now... decisions, decisions...

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