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foot-goon-no-music-mixtrix.mp4 [989.31MB] - Welcome to the pleasure zone. Soles, toes, legs, ASS. Edge to the BOTTOM half of my body since it runs your mind and your cock anyways. Your cock will be on ROCK when it hears my sexy voice layered in track after track, urging you to GOON all night. I tease you with suggestive dirty talk on one voice track ("lick my feet, kiss them, sniff my ass") while another layer of my voice urges you to stroke ("edge to feel the pleasure"). You will DEFINITELY want head phones for THIS one. This whole video was made for mindless, horny pleasure. The TRUE Drvg that is BLISS. Let it take you there. And of COURSE the music and visuals LOOP when played on repeat mode. YES the TRUE gooner experience! Just turn out the lights, put in earbuds or headphones then edge your cock to the TEASE all night. This one is HOT and your cock will confirm it. mindless edging for the FOOT crowd. The video is MESMERIZING, cleverly crafted to take you towards the PLEASURE state only prolonged edging (gooning) can bring.  This is the version WITHOUT soundtrack. That means there is NO MUSIC (I clarify cuz the preview already has you too horny to think). INstead YOU GET TO EXPERIENCE multiple layers of my voice with carefully edited effects. It plays together perfectly with visuals on screen. you will get LOST in this one, guaranteed.

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