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my-sister-in-law-is-a-sex-addict-part-3-glazzedstudios.mp4 [646.48MB] - My Sister-IN-Law is a sex addict part 3 So it our final day of the family vacation and I cant find Misty anywhere. I have called and texted all do I finally found her in her room. I asked her what was wrong she explained to me that my brother was not coming and without her pills she thought it would be safer to just stay away from everyone because she was starting to feel guilty about what me and her have done. I told Misty if she needed anything to let me know I would just tell the family that she was sick and we would see her at the airport in the morning. THEN at 3am I got a text from Misty with a 911. Like any good brother-in-law I rushed right to her room. Misty told me that she REALLY REALLY needed something when I asked what she snatched the covers back. There was my beautiful sister-in-law wearing all black lingerie. I was instantly hard and shocked I stepped back. Misty told me she needed my cock! I asked her what about her feeling guilty she told me that she didn't care anymore that the urges were just so strong. Misty took off her bra, turned around, wiggled her ass as she pulled down her thong and climbed up on the bed. She looked at me with so much lust and reminded me no one would ever know. I started to refuse as she pushed me down on the bed and before I could gather my thoughts she had my cock in her hungry mouth. Misty sucked my cock until I was throbbing hard then she sat down slowly on my cock I could feel just how wet my sister-in-law was and she felt amazing. She rode me like I was the last cock she would ever ride. At this time I was fully enjoying this so I laid her down and started pounding my sister-in-laws cheating tight pussy as she begged me to make her my dirty little whore. This is Part 3 of My Sister-In-Law Is A Sex Addict It stars Misty Meaner and is a Taboo sex scene.

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