[1.37GB] Larz and Jade Get Drenched in Syrup - Larzstord

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larz-and-jade-get-drenched-in-syrup-larzstord.mp4 [1.37GB] - My friend Jade and I start off with our hair and makeup done up cute, wearing light colored bras and underwear with white thigh highs which go completely transparent once covered in syrup. We have several large jugs of syrup we take turns with pouring down each others head and clothes, as well as a big bucket full perfect for head dunking! This is a cute sensual scene that doesn't get too naughty, but it does have some nice slow-mo moments and delicious looking wedgie shots you wont want to miss. Brunette, Alt Girls, Tattoos, Piercings, Braids, Ponytails, Petite, Small, Tiny, Perky, Small Boobs, Teen, Food, Sploshing, Food Porn, Wam, Wet and Messy, Sticky, Socks

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