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what-s-underneath-xgoddesspaigex.mp4 [534.49MB] - It's funny how a gif from an ancient clip can go viral and inspire a whole weekend's worth of pervy D/s fun for my slave and me. This time, I set out to recreate the magic of a full-balled couch edging in the metal chastity ring. But not before I edged him in the shower, locked him up in chastity, sent him teaser pics of my strappy Thistle & Spire set, and then went out to dinner with friends where he suffered gorgeously with my hand on his thigh, brushing his cage, cupping his balls, making him yearn for hours from then when he'd be back on the couch with his Mistress, mindlessly serving. Who would've known, to see us out, that underneath our attire were my luxurious spruce- colored lingerie and his shiny polished chastity cage nestled atop some truly blue balls. Who would've known the beautiful woman on his arm holds the key and the power to control his orgasm, drain him, deny him. If you want to see what denial, obedience, and masterful edging can do to a man who's 17 days denied, you've found the right Domme ...

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