[4.56GB] Scent of a Mommy - Penny Barber

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scent-of-a-mommy-penny-barber.mp4 [4.56GB] - After a night of dancing at the club, I wander into the kitchen for a snack. Nobody would take me home with them. Maybe because I forgot to put on deodorant? Asking you for a sniff check turns into some pretty nasty, smelly sex. You inhale my scent and can’t control the throbbing erection in your pants. Is it…is it weird if Mommy want to smell your cock? We get the couch nice and dirty, sniffing each other all over. I ask you to smell my armpits, my feet, and my panties, giving you a worshipful, eager blowjob, sucking your pungent cock and cumming over and over again. Is it our fault if we come from a horny, sweaty, fragrant family?

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