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disappointing-your-gf-virginity-sph-missmiserlou.mp4 [561.92MB] - (This is a custom and mentions the name "Matthew"!) I'm your conservative, prudish girlfriend and I always insisted that I would wait until marriage to lose my virginity! But then you had a terrible accident; you lost your left testicle and we weren't sure if you'd be able to walk ever again, but now you're healed and I've rethought my priorities! You're so important to me and I don't want to wait any longer! My parents are out of town and I want to lose my virginity to you now! You're so nervous, you didn't expect things to move this quickly, but I reassure you that it will be great, that I want you SO bad and that I'm all prepared! I excitedly tell you that I got a bunch of Magnum condoms because the guy at the pharmacy said they're perfect for big guys who last a long time, just like you, right?? Now you're REALLY nervous, because you know what I'm going to discover in your pants. I strip down for you and eagerly take your cock out of your pants but... I'm so confused. Did you lose... more of your penis?? It's so small!! You try to explain that it's just because it's soft, and you use two fingers to stroke yourself hard. I'm giggling and remarking about the size and how you jack off with just two fingers. I try to be encouraging, but I can tell that you seem to like being teased. As I try to get you harder with my two fingers, you frantically tell me to stop so that you don't cum too early! Okay, it's time to fuck me then. I roll a condom on your dick and... oh yeah, it's baggy. This doesn't fit at all. I try to keep a positive attitude anyway, and I lay back so you can fuck me missionary style. You've gone soft in the meantime, so I help you out some more, and you nervously try to smush your half-hard little dick inside of me. You can see from the look on my face that I can feel... something? A flash of embarrassment as I realize that *this* is what losing my virginity to the love of my life feels like, then I try hard to fake my pleasure. You start quickly thrusting and reach your climax quickly; I lie and tell you that I'm cumming at the same time as you. As soon as your small dick flops out of me, I make up a quick excuse for you to leave as soon as possible! Tags: sph, small penis humiliation, erectile dysfunction humiliation, virginity roleplay, fake orgasm, fake moaning, condom, pov fucking, premature ejaculation humiliation, small tits, small boobs, hairy bush, hairy pussy, dildo, small dildo, condom

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