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layla-loves-kicking-balls-kick-2-cum-laylas-fetish-fun.mp4 [224.80MB] - Layla was overjoyed when slave doug applied to be of service to her. Little did he know how useful he would be! She has been looking for a guy to really hurt, and when he showed up and stripped down to a pair of tighty whiteys, it seemed his balls and her foot were a perfect match! So, she has him stand there, and take it like a man... over and over again. Winding him, knocking him to his knees, he asks for mercy, but instead just gets more testicle pains! She begins to notice, though that his cock is getting harder with each kick and his cock his dribbling with pre cum! He likes it! So she just kicks him harder until his dribbling cock spills pre cum on her mat! She kicks him to the ground and makes him slurp it up off of her dirty mat! Layla's powerful legs have done some serious nut damage to doug, and he crawls away before Layla can hurt him even worse

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