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brother-your-wish-is-my-command-emmas-secret-life.mp4 [508.39MB] - (This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at [email protected] or send me a DM) Disclaimer – Please be advised, this video was previously posted and was lost from my store due to technically difficulties. I am re-uploading it here. You play my sister who has this magic item that's supposed to grant three wishes to the owner, but before you get a chance to use it I show up. You're startled and drop it only for me to pick it up, demanding I give it back and throwing a tirade of insults at me. I overheard you talking to your friend on the phone and know what it is but don't believe it, but I might as well try it to show you it's fake. I wish for you to talk dirty all the time, like a nasty whore would. You feel a wave wash over you but don't realize that now when you bitch me out and act bratty you're also saying some dirty slutty things to me. Just random dirty talk slipped into most things you say, now you're some sort of bratty bitch of a sister with the vocabulary of a filthy whore. After you say some truly filthy things to me I get real turned on and realize my release is just a wish away, and that filthy mouth has given me the perfect idea. I wish that you were addicted to sucking my cock and getting fucked by me, make that filthy mouth even filthier and what's dirtier that shoving my dick in your mouth and pussy. Another wave hits you and this time the changes are more immediate. You starting sucking your fingers in an attempt to fill your empty mouth, grabbing at your pussy as if to sooth the itch from your new addiction. Without skipping a beat, you start begging me to give you your fix, you are desperate to suck me off and shove my cock in your pussy. I give you exactly what you need and you go to work on my dick, sucking it for you is like pure pleasure coursing through your body. After a bit of worshiping my dick with your filthy mouth you can't take it anymore and strip to present your pussy to me. Nothing makes you hornier than sucking my dick, which makes your need for sex even worse. After taking my cock in your needy pussy you work me over really good, riding the high that is getting your fix. All while your whore mouth says the dirtiest slutty things, occasionally stuffing your fingers in your mouth and sucking like a cock. Time for that last wish, I've always had a thing for big tits and I know how much you love yours just the way they are. Even mentioning it now you protest and tell me to leave them alone, you'd hurt me if I mess with them. Luckily, I can fix that, I wish that you were obsessed with having giant fake tits just because I want them bigger. The third and final wave hits you and a look of disgust forms on your face as you look down at your chest. Now all you can seem to talk about is how tiny your tits are and how you need to get implants shoved in them asap. Giant huge massive jugs all for me, big fake funbags for me to fuck and cover in cum. Perfect for playing with when I plow your pussy or I can titty fuck them while you suck the tip. Three wishes down and you're now my foul mouth cock addicted sis who wants massive fake knockers all to please her brother’s dick. The video ends with you begging me to pump my load in your pussy while you alternate between sucking off your fingers and talking about how massive you need your future fake jugs to be, anything to make brother happy.

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