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lift-and-carry-assasins-olivia-rose.mp4 [1.07kB] - The lift and carry assassins have just nabbed an evil man and they are discussing who is going to dispose of his body. Both Olivia and Sunshine decide a test of strength is in order to see who is stronger. The victim wakes up and has no idea what is going on. Bag over his head he can't see anything, but can hear the ladies talking about what they're going to do with him. He pleads with them as the go back and forth lifting and carrying each other in all sorts of holds, firman, piggy back, over shoulder, etc. Each time one of them is lifted by the other they also torment their helpless "victim". Finally it is decided who carries him out so the other can dispose of his body, it is Olivia. She picks him up almost effortlessly and walks out with him over her shoulder

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