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goddess-grazi-s-grandma-gg-producer.mp4 [1.49GB] - Carol is 80 years old, and is Goddess Grazi's grandmother. Goddess Grazi is touring the USA and is returning to Brazil next week, so Carol decided to visit her granddaughter, who will soon return to Brazil. Goddess Grazi did not warn her slave Mary that her grandmother would arrive... so when Carol arrives from her trip, Mary is washing dishes with headphones on and does not hear Carol knocking on the door... This makes Carol deeply irritated... After all, where have you ever seen Goddess Grazi's grandmother having to stay at the door waiting for the slave to open it... that's absurd... So Carol arrives very irritated... And to make matters worse, Mary spills water on her feet from Goddess Grazi's grandmother... And since royalty is hereditary, Carol puts Mary to suck her sweaty feet, after a long trip... Carol is a born dominatrix! Royalty truly passes from generation to generation!

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