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stapled-shut-and-stuffed-full-of-nettles-strangecares.mp4 [1.10GB] - To make sure I got stinging nettles deep inside my pussy, I used my tunnel plug to hold it open while I jammed nettle leaves right up against my cervix. Then I pulled the plug out and added even more nettles, some in my cunt and some tucked between my labia. Once my pussy was stuffed full of pain, I stapled my lips together- and you'll see how distracted the nettles had me, because it takes me several tries to get the staples where they need to be! After I have my cunt closed up, I take out a stingy silicone impact toy, and give myself several smacks right on top of the staples, pressing nettles into my delicate flesh even more. Then, hurting from the spanking, the surgical staples, and the stinging nettles, I took out my Hitachi magic wand. The vibrations sent even more nettle spines into my labia, and every time my pussy squeezed it gripped the nettles harder, but I still reached orgasm very quickly. It was an intense orgasm, complete with squirting- you'll see the fluid gush out around the nettles- and I discovered that warm liquid made the nettles sting twice as much. With that newfound knowledge, I decided that the sensible thing to do would be to remove my staples, position nettles right at my urethral opening, and piss around them so that the pee could make them hurt in a whole new way. If you like seeing how hard I can cum despite being in intense pain, you'll want this clip.

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