[1.43GB] 4K - Friend Discovers Your Secret Vore Fetish - Taboo Girl

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4k-friend-discovers-your-secret-vore-fetish-taboo-girl.mp4 [1.43GB] - This is the 4K version only available on MV. The teaser is in HD but the full video is 4K. I am your lifelong friend and I just discovered your secret belly and vore fetishes. I also love vore and am so excited! I come to your house and tease you with my belly before I reveal to you that I know of your vore fetish and really want to gobble you up. You hesitate, so I tell you that we will play a game of cat and mouse, and if I catch you then I get to gobble you up in my belly forever. Fantasy Includes: vore fantasy blonde huge belly tease sports bra femdom playful tickling tickle POV

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