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the-robbery-angela-salvagno.mp4 [468.64MB] - Angela arrives home from the grocery store. She walks in the house not knowing that there is someone in there waiting for her. They watch her as she unpacks her bags and then storm up behind her grabbing her from behind and using to knock her out. He drags her to the living room where he is going to leave her there while he steals her stuff, but realizes that this is not your average woman. She has muscle and he is very mesmerized by it. He reaches down and feels her arms and plays with them, holding them up and dropping them. He continues to just enjoy the feeling of such an amazing body, but he is enjoying it so much angela wakes up and lunges at him. She punches him and starts to get ready to fight, but she starts to get dizzy and falls to the ground. He continues to worship and admire her since the most priceless possession is right there in front of him. #muscular women #muscle worship #biceps #full nude #role play #domination

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