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it-s-halloween-snack-lanie-love.mp4 [176.81MB] - You're at your neighbor's house as she's called you over to go over the upcoming Halloween block party. When you enter, she offers you a liquid, apparently a sample of the punch you'll have for the k ids. You're standing in your tracks as your body begins to harden. You seem frozen somehow and the only things you can move are your eyes. WTF! "OMG this stuff is SO fast acting, I love it! Now that you're frozen I have a confession... And don't worry, this isn't how you... never mind. I just want to TELL SOMEBODY about this. You know those k ids that have been disappearing around the neighborhood over the years? Well..." She goes on to tell you SHE'S responsible and how she has urges to devour people around this time every year. It's always been k ids though, so what does she want from you? "I've been just CRAVING a bug, juicy, primed, plump man like you and I just can't help it anymore." Your wife will be over very soon, which you regrettably told your neighbor when you first got there. The doorbell rings and she makes her way over to answer. Oh no! What's she going to do? You're frozen and you watch in horror as Lanie lures your wife in and swallows her up! WOW! How in the world... You're screwed. She comes over to you burping and smiling, "Well, now I can keep you for some days as your wife digests inside of me. I'll be plumping you up even more and maybe I'll save you for Halloween day! Ah my perfect treat! *Part Two coming later this week! Stay Tuned

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