[1.07GB] XXXposure: Jasmine's Couch w/Mindi Mink - Jet Setting Jasmine

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xxxposure-jasmine-s-couch-w-mindi-mink-jet-setting-jasmine.mp4 [1.07GB] - Client Mindi Minks, White Female, Mid 30s, appears alert and oriented x 3. No physical or mental distress observed and or assessed. Client appropriately groomed for setting, ambulating independently and able to make needs know throughout session. Ms. Mink is intrigued by her fetish for light touch, body stroking, and sensual tickling. Mindi has had this fetish for as long as she can remember and wants to understand it's origin and how to keep it in her current sex repertoire for foreplay. Took time walking Mindi down memory lane where we learned just how rewarding these body strokes have always been to her. In this session, Use of role play has empowered her to make her tickle strokes known to her lover. Mindi responds beautifully to having her body touched exactly as she requested. Watching her react sensually to every touch makes her one of my favorite clients. Both client and therapist left the session on the edge

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