[1.83GB] Spandex Hogtie 2 - SophiaSylvan

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spandex-hogtie-2-sophiasylvan.mp4 [1.83GB] - I'm bound in a strict hogtie while my online Dom looks on from a webcam session. I struggle in my sexy spandex yoga pants, moving around at his command to see me from various angles, and the tight nipple clamps pull on my nipples and I move with difficulty. The metal handcuffs also quickly cut into my wrists, and the rope is tight. I can't see a thing in this eyeless mask, and breathing is difficult too, since the only hole in the hood is mouth, and I'm gagged with a bit gag. I twist and turn and when he says I can release myself, I remember that since I'm hooded, I can't find the key! Through my gag I try to ask him if he can see it, but he can't. I struggle desperately and try to reach as time has run out and he's still watching, amused by my dilemma. I beg for help and suspect he is lying and he knows where the key is, but there's nothing I can do. I struggle so hard I rip off a nipple clamp and I scream. I wear myself out with the struggling and every movement is painful, but I need to find the key or I'll be stuck like this forever

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